Aerial Photography Contest


Thank you for your interest!

The 2019 #Drones4Crohns Drone Photography Contest is now officially closed for submissions.

Winners have been announced and can be found on here.

Contest Submission Categories:

There are 8 categories for entry, for which a winning submission will be chosen in each category with a "runner-up" (2nd place) submission selected as well. 

The categories are as follows:

  • Landscape

    • Any pictures where the main focus of the image is of the landscape.

  • NADIR (straight down)

    • Any pictures taken with a 90 degree angle looking straight down.

  • "Golden Hour Greats"

    • Any pictures taken featuring sunset or sunrise, or with shadows or lighting that would be present during the “Golden Hour” period, from approximately 1-hour after sunrise, and 1-hour before sunset.

  • H20

    • Any pictures taken involving water as a majority of the image.

  • Texture

    • Any pictures taken that give the appearance of a textured print. Example: forests, cropland, etc.

  • Canada's Pride (Canadian submissions only)

    • Any pictures collected within Canada. No images taken from outside Canada will be eligible for this category.

  • Championship Series (best of the best!)

    • Any images taken from a drone - the best work that an artist could submit!

    • *Note* Images submitted to this category may be able to fall under other category headings, however, you may only submit an image to one category per entry, so if this is your best work, submit it here!


A panel of 6 impartial judges from Crohn’s & Colitis Canada will make their choices for contest winners. There will be seven 1st-place prizes of $75 to be awarded, as well as seven 2nd-place prizes of $25 for each of the first 7 categories.  The Championship Series winner will receive a prize of $150, and 2nd-place will receive $75.

The Auction

Winners will be announced at the #Drones4Crohns auction. The photography auction event will take place over Lunch during the Western Drone Show, in Winnipeg on May 3rd, 2019.  Each of the 1st-place prize winning art submissions will be enlarged and printed on a 3ft x 4ft canvas, and auctioned for a starting bid of $400 each.  2nd-place submissions will be enlarged and printed on a 18" x 24" canvas, and auctioned for a starting bid of $200 each.  

If the minimum bids are not attained during the auction event, the pieces will be sold through an online auction until every piece is sold.